The method focuses on improving your posture, strengthening and lengthening your muscles and bringing your body and mind in balance. You work on your health, your resilience, your recovery, your fitness, your athletic performance and your flexibility. The basis of the training is your powerhouse (abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles). By training your powerhouse, you improve your stability. Your body becomes stronger, you are more balanced and you have control over your own body.

The exercises are performed on a floor mat or using a variety of equipment. The equipment offers resistance to your movements so you have to use your core muscles. The exercises should be performed in a flow and with precision for optimal effect. This classic method is the pure form and ensures that you will achieve the maximum benefit from your training. The method is named after its founder: Joseph Pilates

True Pilates is the practice of Pilates as Joseph Pilates intended. All True Pilates instructors share the same approach to this distinctive discipline. I believe it to be the safest and most effective method of improving your patterns of movement.


  • Introduction class

  • 100
  • Single payment
    • Discussion of needs and goals
    • Introduction to the method
    • First experience of the effect of the exercises
    • Proposed training schedule

  • Private class

  • 105
  • 100- per lesson for a series of 10 classes
    • One-on-one with a personal trainer
    • Personal attention
    • Series of exercises tailored for you
    • Tuned to your personal goals
    • Use of Gratz equipment
  • Duet class

  • 57
  • 55,- per lesson for a series of 10 classes
    • 2 clients with one personal trainer
    • Personal attention
    • Series of exercises tailored for you
    • Partners supporting each other
    • Use of Gratz equipment
  • Mat class

  • 25,00
  • 23,50 per lesson for a series of 10 classes
    • Small groups, max 8 clients
    • Group dynamic
    • Series of core exercises
    • Inspiration from the group
    • Use of own strength and power


Kiki Lorier

"Dancing was my passion and now Pilates is my passion! I witness the positive effects of Pilates, and I love communicating the power of this method to others."

Kiki Lorier, a Romana certified teacher and owner of the studio, was trained as a ballet dancer in both classical and modern dance. She was one of the best, dancing with the Dutch National Ballet. Her heart belonged to the world of dance and theater. After a career on the stage she went on to teach classical ballet at the Academie for Theater and Dance and Codarts Rotterdam amongst others.

Her experience as a ballet teacher led her to make the move into Pilates in 2003. She did her training in the classical Pilates Method at True Pilates in New York. There she was trained by Sari Mejia Santo (the daughter of Romana Kryzanowska, first generation master trainer), and Marjorie Oron (1st grade master trainer) in The Hague.

Kiki Lorier


"If you think after a while 'I can do this', Kiki takes you to a deeper level and a whole new Pilates world appears again."


"As an Olympic athlete, my training and hockey games are very intense and hard on my body. Pilates has improved my core body strength and helped increase my flexibility. Kiki was very professional and tailor made a program to my personal needs."


"I always thought that Pilates was for women Mistake. I've been busy with Pilates for around a year now and it's really done me well - both physically and mentally It's hard work at times, but very rewarding."


"At the end of an exhausting lesson, Pilates eventually relaxes me. Kiki probes your limits and really explains the exercises very well. For me, Kiki's lessons are becoming addictive."


Instructor Training

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